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*Currently we are offering USIM service through our chatting bot, please contact us directly for USIM plans




USIM will be activated within 3 days upon entry approval from the Korean Immigration Office.


USIM activated with passport will only last for 90 days from entry date. To continue usage after expiration, you must apply for Alien Registration Card ID (ARC) and register your ARC.You can register ARC at My Page-Usim.


Modifying your USIM plan after initial purchase is not supported.You can recharge your phone with the same plan our app for up to 3 months.


Delivery & Payment


Customers that booked USIM along with ENKOR Quarantine room, you will received the USIM within 4 days of your arrival along with the meal.

* Activation will be processed at 5PM daily, registration of SIM on website before 5PM will be activated on the same day but registration later than 5PM will be processed the next day.


For other customers, the USIM will be delivered to the address you registered during purchase. (expect delivery within a maximum of 3 days)


If you wish to get a refund before activation, additional shipping fee will be charged.


After activating your USIM, no refund is available.




If you want to use the Identity Verification System such as QR code or website in Korea, you have to re-apply for a new USIM card using Alien Registration Card(ARC).


Re-charging method is introduced in an additional guidebook enclosed with your USIM.


You can change the plan by calling the β€œ114” number(English support available) after 90 days(3 times charged monthly) from the activating date.


If you use your phone as a regular phone though it is an internet phone (070, 080), extra charge could occur.


Discount event applies to new subscriptions only. No discount will be applied if you have used USIM from used a USIM from other mobile companies or you are not a new subscriber. subscriber.


For iPhone, it is usually β€œlocked” when you buy it through a specific carrier provider (i.e. Verizon, Sprint, etc.), which essentially means it will only operate with that carrier. Therefore you'll have to call your carrier provider to check and "unlock" your phone before departing for Korea in order for the USIM to activate.


For minors, activation is available if they provide us the School Acceptance Letter & Visa Grant Notice. However, minors are unable to register their ARC.

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